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vacation counrty home kitchen and living room

Situated at a vacation area, north of Greece, a region with famous clear beaches, olive trees and cereals agriculture, this villa had been left unfinished since the mid 90’s. Given the beautiful white marble floors that were chosen and installed by the owners back then, I mostly worked with natural materials, many of which are of the region. I decided to go for a luxurious hybrid biophilic country style with a subtle futuristic twist. Brown-green tinted marble I found at a local marble store was used both in the kitchen and the living room, cut in organic forms. White dotted granite was used in the kitchen as well, in a dialogue with the darker marble, adding durability and practicality. Wood was used for selves, cutting surfaces and some chairs. Copper elements, traditionally met in rural houses, are being used in an almost abstract way. A focus point are the pink-grey hue raw marble dining table legs, which are Iet to thrive and shine as natural sculptures, by choosing transparent glass surface and perspex glass chairs, allowing visibility. The perspex glass together with the triangle shaped metal lightning add a futuristic twist, balancing the heavy earthiness of most materials towards a contemporary feel. The wall colours are subtly borrowing tints from the marbles. A custom made couch- reference to the oriental sofra that can be found in rural architecture at the North of Greece, was built with similar materials. Pink subtle murals free hand painted by me add up to the organic form concept. 

Villa interior3.jpg
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